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Where it all started

Driving Sustained Differentiation and Growth


As with any business concern, sustained differentiation is key to ensure growth.

SKEG’s key differentiation is found in its ability to identify innovation opportunities but more importantly, guide the complete end-to-end development and implementation of such opportunity in a structured manner.

To best serve the entire product development journey – from opportunity identification and ideation to scaled manufacturing and operational support – SKEG has been structured as three operating vehicles.

Skeg's Three Operating Vehicles:

  • Innovation Capital

    Innovation Capital

SKEG Innovation Capital is the technical and business advisory vehicle specifically focused on increasing the likelihood that innovative ventures and/or projects will succeed. Some of the product development activities within this vehicle can be viewed below.

Product Viability/Feasibility

This includes assessments where we evaluate a product’s technical feasibility in context of market desirability to form an overall opinion on the business viability.

Technical and Operational Due Diligences

These are conducted to assist companies or investors to de-risk investment by providing professional recommendation on the risk and opportunity matrix associated with a particular development stream. As part of this process, we actively work to discover opportunities to increase the overall business value.


Technical Roadmapping

This process assists stakeholders to understand the execution journey by providing a practical breakdown of the implementation phases of bringing a product to market considering factor such as time-to-value, market adoption and scaling.

Discovery Workshops

These are creative workshops during which we evaluate the context of an innovation and use techniques such as user coping mechanisms, design thinking, and double diamond design processing to evaluate and enhance the merits of an idea towards product-market-fit.

Innovation Collab

A programme to educate and practically guide entrepreneurs through the journey of product development and taking technology innovation to market.

Coaching and Mentoring

These services are provided to the Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) to manage the execution of technology development and instilling good practices.


It is important to understand that the above activities are part of the SKEG product development toolbox to support the identified objective in order to see viable products reach launch and scale.

  • Product Development

    Product Development

SKEG Product Development is the innovation engine room within SKEG. Within this vehicle, a product idea is designed and developed through a proprietary process to a market-ready product offering. The process builds on the activities of SKEG Innovation Capital where product value is discovered and defined. The skills and activities within SKEG Product Development are outlined below.


Structured Design

A clearly defined design and validation methodology to de-risk investment and minimise time-to-market.

Experimental Evaluations

Prioritized design of experimentation to assess technical feasibility and confirm value.

Active management of project risk register.

Experimental prototypes (functional and/or mock-up) to allow for early-stage decision making and build confidence in the product specification for design.

Detailed Design and Development

Multi-disciplinary engineering design and development skills are utilised which could include systems-,electronic-,software-,industrial- and mechanical engineering.

Product Certificate Management

SKEG has been involved in projects across multiple verticals which allowed us to gain experience on several certification requirements such as CE, FCC, FDA, iCASA etc.


These activities are combined in a consolidated offering to produce a tangible product demonstrating the value which was discovered at the onset of the project.

  • Manufacturing and Operations

    Manufacturing and Operations

SKEG Manufacturing and Operations was officially established to address the industrialisation and scaling needs after a product prototyping. The goal of this vehicle is to employ the necessary disciplines and best practices to ensure that the manufactured product delivers the value that was created through the SKEG Product Development Process. Our scaling services are complemented by the design input from SKEG Product Development in the process of value engineering to ensure efficient scaling practices.


Arguably one of the most valuable aspects in product delivery. Consistency is driven by implementing industry best practices.


Our simple plan, do, check, and act mechanisms ensure that products are assembled and manufactured against predetermined reliability targets.



The natural dovetail between Skeg Product Development and Skeg Manufacturing and Operations ensures that products are designed and manufactured with maintainability in mind. This is carried from design to end-of-life with closed-loop feedback enabling continuous improvement.


Consistency in both process and execution within an established supply chain ensures that all products are made the same and are tested against the same predetermined quality criteria.

Quality Assured

Each step in the assembly and manufacturing process is governed by ISO 9001 centered quality control processes and procedures. This ensures that each product is fully tested before final packaging and delivery.


Dealing with technical, operational- and business risks is an integral part of how we manage our projects regardless of what phase of realisation they are in.

Quality Assured

To manage the process from design into manufacturing, SKEG follows the principles of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) which is specifically tailored to minimise the inherent risks of launching new or improved products into the market.