Patrol Boat

Very few high-speed boarding boats are developed from the ground. Hence, they are mainly used as a compromise. This frustration led Paul Hollander from Ribtact, a renowned high-speed boat operator and trainer, to search for partners to assist in his quest to get it right. Paul knew he was on the right track when he experienced the benefits of a catamaran with foils first hand and contacted Icarus Marine, the leaders in foil supported catamarans and high-speed boat design. Icarus took the project on the condition that all rules were set aside and that all elements of the boat be under discussion, including construction and the ability to make bespoke parts to suit the operational requirements of such a vessel.

The TactCat 897 is a tactical high-speed patrol boat developed for inshore and offshore intercept and operates as a boarding boat in support of a mother vessel. The vessels performance and operation speaks for itself making for the largest working deck in its class, exceptional speed and low power requirements even when loaded with 6 crew and 10 passengers.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the crafts’ composite quality and its smooth and very straight lines.  Also the foils look top notch. Ergonomics were good and the boat looks very functional with a lot of deck space and ample walking space.”

-Paul Hollander, renowned high-speed boat operator and trainer

Our Contribution

Skeg was presented with the basic design and requirements for the TactCat. The majority of parts needed to be custom made to the vessel which was all done by Skeg. The bulk of the work required to get the vessel to water included the design and manufacture of plugs and moulds to create the hull and deck configuration.

All plugs were CNC machined and infusion grade moulds manufactured. Skeg can manufacture plugs and moulds even if part quantities are low. A fully cored glass and carbon laminate on the hull, deck and bulkheads were infused in epoxy.

Even 6 suspension seats found on the TactCat were manufactured for the project. Foils were machined in solid duplex stainless steel. Apart from engines, drives and electronics all parts were developed and manufactured in-house by Skeg.

TactCat now.

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