Human Breast Milk Pasteurization

Some mothers are unable to produce the milk that their babies require at birth and during the early stages of their lives. Some mothers physically cannot produce milk whilst others are ill, abuse substances or have passed away. Ultimately the baby is left malnutritioned and in some extreme cases this can even lead to fatalities. Mother’s milk is seen as a crucial lifeline for a baby, especially in their first few weeks.

Studies have proven that human breast milk contains a unique and powerful combination of nutrients that is important for infant health. A mother’s milk supports growth and development and improves a baby’s ability to fight infection. It is also easy to digest and promotes the overall health of a baby’s digestive system. PATH identified a gap in the market and presented themselves as a “middle man” of pasteurized human milk from a donor to deliver the much needed milk to deprived babies. The human milk is donated, pasteurized and stored using the FoneAstra system.

The conceptualization and development of the initial FoneAstra system to support the pasteurization of donor human milk was based upon input from technical leaders. This system focuses on being simple and offered at a lower-cost for small-scale human milk banks, while maintaining robust standards for quality control. The foundation for this work was a collaborative effort by PATH, the Human Milk Banking Association of South Africa and the University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The development of the final FoneAstra system was a phased process with multiple iterations based on user feedback in South Africa. After a comprehensive due diligence process, PATH transferred the manufacturing rights to Skeg to manufacture the FoneAstra system locally and internationally.

Our Contribution

PATH approached Skeg with a human milk pasteurizer design. Skeg performed numerous internal and microbial tests, the results of these tests led to design updates in order to ensure that the product is safe to use and subsequently allowed it to be CE certified. Once the design was certified and accepted we prepared the product for manufacture and currently hold full manufacturing rights for both local and international enquiry.

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