This is our Toolbox
of Services

We have experience in developing products in various fields with varying functions and applications. This has resulted in a wide range of knowledge that has been gathered over time in various technologies, materials and processes.

The way we prefer to assist customers is to understand what their goals are in the short- and long- term for their project and then build a project plan that achieves this in the shortest and preferably the most frugal way.

We are not just intent on selling hours for a design or a small section of your project and our long term goals are to assist you during your entire development program, prototypes and eventually manufacture and also because a new product needs to get into launch and trading before there is a return on investment we prefer to get you to launch as quickly as possible.

We would really like to invite you to come and visit us so that we can discuss your project and show you what we do and elaborate on how we assist innovation projects to get to launch. Please feel free to contact us, we would love to meet you. 

We love to take the opportunity to assist our customers earlier in the product development process to identify the real magic in the project. Learn more about our business development processes here.

We offer various forms of design; from Industrial and Engineering Design to Graphic Design. We believe design is integral to developing a product successfully. View our design services here.

We offer a diverse range of Engineering services from Electrical- to Mechanical- and Mechatronic Engineering. View our engineering services here.

Our prototypes are of the highest quality. We make use of various forms of prototyping methods combined with our tried and tested techniques in prototyping in various materials. View more about our prototyping capabilities here.

Our on-site factory boasts many forms of Manufacturing processes from plastic casting to machining metals. Find out more about our manufacturing services here.

We pride ourselves in our Project Management systems and processes that have been developed over years of experience in the Product Development industry. View more about our project management here.