Tyre Inflation System

ORSO is an independent, consolidated tyre management system for heavy commercial vehicles. The patented technology monitors and reports on pressure, temperature and potentially damaging tyre impacts, and performs on-the-go inflation and deflation of tyres.


This innovative wheel mounted product is intended for the highly demanding transport market segment. With its wireless and self-charging capabilities, this device monitors tyre temperature and pressure on all truck tyres – sending and recording data to a central control hub. It is able to deflate and inflate tyres autonomously and guarantees correct and optimal running tyre pressures at all times.

Our Contribution

The design was broken down into various areas of development: system layout, pump design and performance, electronic control systems, air-line plumbing and manifold, pump engagement and housing design. This project as a whole required a broad spectrum of skills. Mechanical and electrical designers worked concurrently on the various aspects of this project.

Extensive research and product development was done into inflating and control systems beforehand to come up with a product brief and design specification. The main product requirement being that the housing needed to be designed to fit on to standard truck wheel and capable of inflating and deflating tyres, charging the on-board battery and transmitting telemetry while turning with the wheel.

The housing was designed to facilitate easy maintenance and meeting all the technical requirements such as wireless transmission and ventilation. Planning and smart design allowed us to integrate many of the functions into the structure and casing, thus reducing the number of parts, weight and making assembly and disassembly easier.

The Pressurerite product is also one of the first truly connected IoT devices in this market segment. Tyre pressure can be set remotely via a mobile interface and all telemetry is recorded and stored in a cloud database.

During the product development process Skeg increased the IP portfolio by adding various principle- and device-based patents.

Orso now.