We Do: Manufacturing

Our manufacturing services range from material to process each offering their own pros and cons and is carefully selected according to the product application, desired quantity and ultimate purpose.


Short Run Manufacture

Making use of all our in-house facilities, we can manufacture products in the 5 to 500 unit range quickly and cost effectively and at a fraction of the time and cost of expensive injection tooling. Ranging from simple single part production runs to assembled and packaged consumer products. We generally complete pre-production runs in this way to completely debug a new product launch.

We source and supply production quantities of a range of products we have designed for our customers, from single injection moulded toys to consumer electronics. We have long-standing relationships with local and international suppliers, especially American, German, and Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. We also understand the differences in designing products for different manufacturing requirements, volumes and distribution channels as can be seen by the range of products we have successfully brought to market. Skeg can also provide assistance in choosing the right manufacturing method for your specific requirements.

Mass Manufacture