Mobile Payment Device

iKhokha approached Skeg with a project to design the enclosure to their iKhokha original product. iKhokha had identified a gap in the market for a device to connect to a cellular device in order to enable small businesses to make use of mobile transactions as well as a means to track the performance of their business.

They had carefully developed their internal PCB’s to abide by the strict security regulations and standards and now needed an enclosure that required just as much security consideration to house and protect their internals.



– Clive Putman, Technical Director at Emerge Mobile


Our Contribution

iKhokha entrusted Skeg with the job of designing the plastic enclosure for their device. This included some intricate considerations to ensure the safety and security of the PCB enclosed in the device for security purposes. Once having the enclosure concept approved by iKhokha we started generating 5-10 off plastic prototypes through our in-house vacuum casting process.

This allowed us to perform usability and fitment tests and iterate the design before being finalized for mass manufacture. Once the enclosure was fully resolved and the desired quantities had increased we generated a manufacturing data pack and switched the prototyping to our injection moulding manufacturers in China.

Currently, we manage the plastic enclosure manufacture of the iKhokha original enclosure. Before delivering the enclosures to iKhokha we perform an extensive quality control process to ensure that our customer and subsequently their end user, receives a high quality final product. We have since also designed iKhokha’s XL enclosure and issued for manufacture.

iKhokha now.

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