Experimental Prototype

Let’s remove as many of the risks and unknowns of the product as possible.

The experimental prototype phase, also known as prototype zero, isĀ  where we experiment with various items to configure the hardware and establish the physics of the product. The main objective is to understand the quality of the various software and hardware parts, to understand what is achievable and to assess the limitations of the product.

This is where we address the technical risks of the project and eliminate majority of the unknowns of the product. Innovation products that require varying levels of experiments and testing would be completed in this phase. The outcome of this phase would consist of a fully functional prototype, also known as a proof of concept.

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    Risk management

    This phase addresses the risks in the project through rigorous testing and experimenting

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    Components are tested and reported on continuously.

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    Proof of concept

    The main outcome of this phase of work is a fully functional prototype with little to no unknowns.