We Do: Engineering

Our Engineering capabilities are continuously growing to meet the ever-developing market needs. Our skilled engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries in their respective fields to learn more about how engineering can improve a product.


Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering

We design all hardware, firmware and software internally for products ranging from RF networks and tracking systems to charge control and consumer electronics. Our design extends to sensing and measuring, control, RF, GPS, GSM, and linking this to database and back office functions.
We specialise in low power applications such as battery powered telemetry. Designing from basic circuitry for feasibility and testing to industrialised design and automatic test equipment for production.

Research and development generally requires extensive experimentation and testing. We have built up a suite of testing equipment and procedures based on National Instruments Labview. This tool assists us in setting up tests quickly and helps us to keep track of the vast amount of experimental data we have acquired over time. These test setups are used continuously throughout the product development cycle and are used to confirm results from the various analyses. The automatic test equipment required in production is based entirely on these experimental test setups. This way we are guaranteed that the same test software and equipment are used from inception to production.