Discovery Phase

Let’s unlock the magic of the product.

This phase sets up the requirements for the development. In conjunction with our clients we establish the products Decisive Competitive Edge (also known as Unique Selling Point or Unfair Advantage) which grows into feature sets and subsequently a product requirement build.

The requirements are not limited to the customer’s requirements but also include the context of the product. Therefore we develop the product in a lightweight feasibility study, doing our due diligence, including a risk assessment of the technology and market.

This phase typically involves things such as intellectual property scope and infringement searches, features and price analysis of competitive products as well as significant amounts of research into relevant technology, materials and processes.

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    Identify the magic

    We help to identify and crystallize the core benefit the product offers the end user.

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    Feasibility study

    We perform a lightweight feasibility study to assess any risk.

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    Requirement build

    The requirement build is ultimately based on the core benefit of the product.