We Do: Design

We offer a variety of design services ranging from Industrial design to Engineering design and Product Graphic design. Our design capabilities span over the physical product, including ergonomics and aesthetics, to designing the back-end and touchpoints of the product, both in terms of user experience and functionality.


Industrial Design

Designing for markets as varied as Automotive, Marine, Sports, Medical, Beverage, Advertising and Agricultural has given us a breadth of experience second to none.

Our customers benefit from the diversity of design. Our designs are practical and manufacturable with low production costs. We use a combination of cutting edge software and years of experience to achieve the quality of product design we produce. Our Industrial Design extends to include a strong focus on ergonomics and aesthetics whilst using our extensive knowledge of materials and processes to find the best design for your product.

We provide a full suite of Mechanical engineering services including mechanism design with structural requirements, heating and cooling of products and FEM analysis.

We make extensive use of our analysis software as well as prototyping to make sure the projects we work on perform as intended. These include electronic housings, gearboxes for low power applications, electrical generators, sheet metal and fabricated enclosures, electromechanical switchgear, gear pumps, medical equipment, turbines, prepayment meter casings, pallets, pumps, telephones and handsets.

Engineering Design

Product Graphic Design

We have recently grown into designing graphic work with our products. In conjunction with designing the physical features of a product we design the graphics closely linked to the product itself such as logo’s, brochures, instruction manuals, packaging development as well as basic user interface.

Amongst others we use Creo Parametric for CAD and engineering product parts. With this software and our in-house prototyping facility we are sure that the parts we send out will run smoothly in manufacturing, and will perform well in the market space. Our proprietary rapid prototyping methods allow us to go through one design, build, test iteration very quickly and cost effectively. Find out more about our prototyping capabilities here.