We Do: Business Development

Our business development is aimed at capturing the core benefit of an idea, gathering enough information about that concept and presenting a project plan that we see as the best suited for the product. The aim is to present a proposal to get the product to market as quickly as possible with the least amount of resistance. This is essential to the product development process as it allows us to collaborate with the customer to meet and exceed expectations.

Let us use our knowledge and experience in the product development industry to design a custom project plan to your innovation. This involves 3 main processes.

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    Capture the Magic

    We identify the core benefit of the idea. “What does this product offer that no other product can?”And “How do we ensure that it cannot be replicated now, or in the future?”

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    Identify the Launch Market

    Once we have found the person that has the highest need for your product we can design the product to meet those specific needs in the market. This also helps to determine a price point and allows us to do a return on investment calculation.

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    Develop a custom Proposal

    We are now better equipped to develop the best way to get your product to market.