Blood Segment Decanter

This product is an automated segment sampling solution designed for use in a cross-matching laboratory. The current process for segment sampling is completed manually which poses a health risk to the healthcare worker. The decanter automatically decants the blood from the segment into a test tube and prints the correlating barcode. Many single-use devices provide a safer alternative, but the BeVal segment decanter offers the only automated solution for this repetitive, tedious and potentially hazardous task.


“I can highly recommend Skeg as a partner to turn an idea into a desirable, manufacturable product that has the best chance of success in the marketplace.”

Fred Klören
Principal Consultant Laboratory Strengthening Services

Our Contribution

LTS Consulting approached us to refine an existing prototype of their blood segment decanter. After assessment it was decided to redesign and build it from the ground up.

The development of the BeVal product required extensive electrical and mechanical engineering inputs. Skeg developed complex software to ensure the sensors and processing of the segments was conducted successfully. The mechanics of the product was also carefully designed to perform a repetitive precision cut on the segments as well as move them between the carrier jig and the magazine in a simple and efficient manner. This resulted in a product that is automated, fully-functional, easy to use, time efficient and removes the tedious work in a lab.

Skeg developed and manufactured an Alpha prototype which was used in the local Western Province laboratory as a field trial. After receiving feedback from the trials the product was updated and we subsequently manufactured five Beta prototypes which are currently in use.


BeVal now.

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