Ozone Sanitiser

The benefits of ozone as a sanitizer are well documented however, a critical shortcoming in existing systems is the inability to reliably disburse the ozone uniformly over the contact surface and to bring the correct dose of ozone into direct contact with the specific food surface. The patented ArcAqua technology overcomes this by creating and then using a fine mist of water as the carrier for the ozone, with powerful anti-microbial results.

ArcAqua replaces existing environmentally unfriendly sanitizing solutions by killing 99.99% of all known bacteria and more effectively reducing total microbial activity (TMA), thereby mitigating risk and reducing potential losses.

The ArcAqua system is the first to develop a deployment mechanism that allows for ozone to come into direct contact with fresh produce, effectively delivering this natural sanitiser directly to food and food contact surfaces without affecting taste or leaving any residues.


“Skeg has been pivotal in the development of our ArcAqua product to get it to the place it is now.”

-Crispen Russell, Arc Aqua CTO

Our Contribution

ArcAqua approached us with a proof of concept prototype and a patent. Our brief was to develop an application for the technology to go to market. We developed the first product from refining the technology in the experimental phase through all the development stages to manufacture.

ArcAqua technology was initially developed as a restaurant system, using their globally patented nozzle and ozone deployment method. This initial application was developed over three years before pivoting in the last quarter of 2015 to the industrial food processing industry.

Our involvement in the project included initial testing and trials of the equipment and subsequent iterations of the design to improve the overall efficacy of the unit in the field.

This project showed again how valuable field trials are in truly understanding the benefits a technology can offer the user.

The patent portfolio was strengthened and the technology has been applied on a much larger scale in recent months with new applications currently in development with our team.

ArcAqua now.

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