Alpha Prototype

Let’s make the product aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing.

This is predominantly an Industrial Design phase of the process where the main focus is the styling and cosmetics of the product. The outcome of this phase would be an aesthetically pleasing and functional prototype.

This phase revolves around turning the basic workings generated in the experimental prototype phase into a product with no real technical challenges with the emphasis on a complete product that is styled and designed for the target audience. A parallel portion in this phase is to design the system for manufacture.

The final portion of work for this phase is an extensive test regime of the prototype to ensure reliability and safety as well as cover the required certification demands. It is not necessarily required to certify the product but we see this process as our due diligence to the project.

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    Ensure the product is designed to appeal to the intended market and increase perceived value.

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    Ensure the product is designed to fit within the desired application with the specific user.

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    Safety and Reliability

    Ensure the product is safe for reliable for use.