Welcome to our World


Why “Skeg”

A skeg is a critical part of a keel of a ship that gives directional stability and operates unseen in a fluid environment. The purpose of a skeg is not to prevent you from changing direction but to maintain control and support when going forward or altering course.

This is how we see our role in your innovation project. We support, help and stabilize, give direction and assist in controlling directional changes. We stabilize and guide when the conditions become adverse or tumultuous. You can therefore select your direction, choose the waters you want to navigate and be assured that the stability we provide will carry you through the rough and unpredictable times.


Who are we?

Skeg Product Development is one of South Africa’s leading product development companies. We understand product development and are uniquely positioned to enable entrepreneurs and businesses to turn their product ideas into reality. This is accomplished by helping people to transition through each step of our well defined product development value chain


Over 1000 clients from various industries and fields.

Over 3000 completed projects under our belt.

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Our Focus

We love a challenge and to push the boundaries of the unknown. We believe it is important to keep learning and growing in order to improve and maintain a high level of quality. We are more than happy to get our hands dirty to find the best solution to a task. We thrive in the innovation space, putting our extensive knowledge to good use. The innovation space is exciting and we enjoy the opportunity to explore the possibilities in this unique product industry.

Our World

Much like navigating the ocean of innovation, the world of product development is unpredictable and challenging. There are continuous challenges that we, as product designers, face on a daily basis all of which have a pivotal influence on the outcome of the project as a whole.

What distinguishes us as a product development company is that we do not ignore the challenges in our industry, instead we acknowledge them and, over years of experience, have developed systems and processes to address and mitigate them.